Holiday Decorating Tips from Keffie Lancaster

Pinecone Place Cards:

Cut rectangular pieces of card stock and sit atop the pine cone. Place the pinecone inside a small decorative bowl to match your table.

Let there be light:

Think twinkly lights and lots of candles. Be careful and tidy when hanging to hide cords and plugs so they become sophisticated elements of design and not dorm room decor.

Pine Sprig:

Great for use on the table to add color and charm. Small bunches of pine, mixed with silk flowers and a bow can make great chair decoration.

Pop of Color:

Choose two to three colors for your holiday palette and keep it consistent so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  For instance a black, white and green with just a hint of Red on the table…think shiny red bow on a present, or a pair of red candles. This adds interest and creates holiday spirit without overwhelming the room with Holiday color.  Red typically doesn’t enhance existing interior colors so finding ways to use it as a pop can be very exciting.  Other palettes could be silver, blue and white: focus on the silver and white with pops of blue. And khaki, evergreen and maroon with metallic bronze to add pizzazz.

Fresh Herbs:

Rosemary is reminiscent of a pine tree and adds a great aroma to the space.  Little vases of herbs on the table with ribbon can make table decor fun.   One small sprig in a vase at each place setting adds a personal touch. Cinnamon sticks are wonderful too and can be tied in little bunches like twigs.

Go Green:

Natural items, like driftwood, stones and garden greens can be crafted to make a more traditional holiday setting.  Recycled glass and homemade candles and or wreaths are great projects for the kids.  Try tying a couple twigs with earthy twine around a cotton napkin for a au-natural napkin ring.  Think outside the box and back to the meaning of the season as you and your family decorate.