5 Basic Window Treatments



Feeling the need to make some minor changes and mix up the look of your space? Adding a little style and flair to your windows is the perfect option to provide your space with an instant mini-makeover! Window treatments are undoubtedly the best way to add instant style, color, and pattern while maintaining the identity and atmosphere of any room.

Custom window treatments are available in a variety of styles and are only limited by the imagination. It’s easy to take a simple classic design and incorporate a bold pattern to give the look a more modern updated appearance. For those who may be overwhelmed by the window treatment lingo, here’s a quick lesson on some basic window-related terms:

1 Draperies/Curtains: Draperies are usually long curtains, often in heavy fabric and often designed to open and close across a window. curtains are: generally stationary, although they can be adjusted with tie-backs. They can be pleated and hung from rings, gathered onto a rod, or flat panels, hung from tabs or rings, etc.

2 Swags & Cascades: Stationary swags of fabric can be combined and overlapped on a decorative pole or covered dust board. They can be pleated and formal or relaxed and casual. They are often combined with cascades at each end of the window.

3 Valances:  decorative top treatments that can cover the mounting hardware of drapes or shades.  They can be pleated, gathered or flat, arched, straight or shaped, and can be mounted on dust boards, poles, or rods.

4 Cornices: are padded box shapes covered in fabric and trim. The bottom edge can be shaped in many different ways. They are mounted above the window and can conceal other mounting hardware.

5 Solar Shades: come in many shapes and sizes. They   usually raise and lower by a system of rigged cords or a spring   loaded roller and help protect against UV light.

The possibilities don’t just stop here! There are plenty of options for those who are technologically savvy as well! Solar shades are an innovative and environment friendly trend that allow you to beat the heat, protect your furniture and lower your electric bill! Sounds great, right?

Also be sure to check out another great tech option, motorized drapes! Make sure to view our video for more information! http://lancasterinteriordesign.net/portfolio/videos/

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Definition attribution: Dictionary.com

Contributing editor: Chelsea Sheridan