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REpurposed, recylced and reused…

What’s better than finding a hidden gem furniture piece? Finding a completely unique and improved way to use it in your home or space! Re-purposing is without a doubt on trend right now and is a perfect way to keep some of your favorite pieces around by simply giving them a mini makeover. Re-purposed projects can be big or small, ranging from turning an old suitcase into a cozy new dog bed, or creating an eye-catching focal wall of shelving from old tables, the possibilities are endless!

There are tons of crafty ways to make an old piece of furniture something new and spectacular, take care in spending adequate time and research on the project of your desire and you’ll end up with a piece that will mean so much more! As you dream up your next big project, consider creating a unique and one-of-a-kind project with Lancaster Interior Design!Classic-Repurposed-Old-Furniture-With-Vanity by Chelsea Sheridan, Lancaster Interior Design Intern

Lancaster Interior Designer Sarasota Table out of repurposed materials Lancaster Sarasota Interior Designer Doors Into Corner Storage light05 Sarasota Interior Design Purple Table Repurposed Shelving Sarasota Interior Designer Lancaster Traditional-Home-Repurposed-Antique-Doors Sarasota Interior Designer Repurposed Suitcase Into Chair Sarasota Interior Designer repurposed-wood-flooring Sarasota Interior Designer Suitcase into Dog Bed tumblr_lwgvh5tPdV1r3hyudo1_500 Twin bed to bench