Contemporary v. Modern Design, by Christina Maccani, Lube of Sarasota

This month we asked Christina Maccani, Designer/Sales at Lubé of Sarasota, to give us some insight.


 What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern interior design?

This is hard to explain without defining Modern first (with a capital M – as in Mid-century). Modern interior designs emerged during the 1920’s and lasted well into the 1970’s. Modern interiors tend to emphasize the importance of simple form and function which generally translate into streamlined, unadorned, and mass produced pieces. Highlights of this era include the Egg Chair, Tulip legs, and art ranging from Salvador Dali to Andy Warhol. Modern designers such as Meis Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier transformed the ornate designs of earlier trends into simple geometric pieces. Modern designers also focused on an open floor plan, which allows for select pieces of furniture to be highlighted as works of art in their own right.

Can you elaborate on Contemporary?

Contemporary designs focus on what’s current and innovative, and are ever-changing. Contemporary designs tend to reinterpret conventional styles in a cleaner, more linear fashion and make us rethink the way we choose to decorate our homes. Contemporary is a softer, more diversified style, and may also cross into Transitional or Eclectic. Patterned and textural fabrics are used quite freely, and spaces are filled with art pieces and accents. Colors are bold and broad spectrums of tones are used throughout the scheme. Multiple textures are used, juxtaposing organic materials such as hand scraped or roughhewn woods with brushed steel surfaces, glass fixtures, and plastic furnishings.  Simple finishes and smooth lines reflect a calm atmosphere contrasted with edgy, uniquely textured design accents.

Both Modern and Contemporary interior designs feature clean straight lines, simple uncluttered spaces and a mix of natural and industrial materials.

SVL_September_Home Matters martina photo 1 SVL_September_Home Matters Palazzi al Mare Kitchen2

SVL_September_Home Matters Palazzi al Mare Master Bath 2 SVL_September_Home Matters Wilkes Bar









Christina is a talented designer and helps her clients obtain a vision and understanding of great cabinetry designs! Thanks for your great input! Lube is located within walking distance of our office and they would welcome you to stop by and visit their showroom anytime.