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Design Tips from you Local Sarasota Interior Designers: Lancaster Interior Design

Contributing Writers: Keffie Lancaster, Associate ASID and Bonnie Lancaster, ASID

One of the main reasons people seek out an interior designers is to help them take their great ideas and make them happen.  Interior designers are trained to focus on pulling trends & ideas together,  as well as perfecting the details.  Paint colors, wood paneling and accessories have subtle nuances that can  make the space go from “very pretty” to “wow knock our socks off”!  Follow some of these examples to make your space achieve that WOW FACTOR!

1.  Bold graphic wallpaper and bright colored furniture make for an interesting entryway.  A little bit of metallic, some retro prints and voila! Your space is trés chic!

2. Juxtaposing modern pieces with traditional fabrics creates a true eclectic look.  Here we see a funky mirrored chest, opulent violet velvets and a gingham check.

3.  What’s in the fireplace? We live in Florida right? So for 364 days a year you can have something pretty in the fireplace.  Try stacks of books, candles or live plants…a little life can go a long way!

4.  Mix and Match!  Prints, chair styles, artwork, who says it has to match.  If you want the match-y look, stop into a furniture store and pick up the room collection on the floor….otherwise start collecting your own looks from around the world.

5.  Bright Finishes and Colors!  Looking at our examples you can see how we captured such pizzazz in just a few easy steps by using bright colors, great simple artwork and fun painted furniture.  Don’t be afraid to paint that tired coffee table red or go bold with navy walls….it’s just paint! And you can always change it later when you get tired.

6.  Look behind the shelves and you will see our secret….wallpaper!  Big prints hiding behind the bookcase makes for a fun and funky way to display your collections.