Pantone 2014 Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid

Design Tips from your Sarasota Interior Designers, Lancaster Interior Design
Contributing Writer: Keffie Lancaster, Associate ASID

I must admit I am a little biased in this year’s Pantone color of the year selection…Radiant Orchid! It’s been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. Shades of pinks and purples and all of the glorious variations can make for colors you either love or hate! Hopefully you will find a way to let this awesome orchid color shine into your heart and into your home! This color is sure to be a hit from the runway to the furniture store and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to add some Radiant Orchid into your collection. Let’s look at some ways to bring this color into the home, wardrobe and kitchen.SVL Feb 2014 Living Spaces MAIN photo

1. An accent wall is always a non-committal way to try a bold new color. And it’s just paint after all so if you change your mind, no worries, just re-paint.

2. Area rugs are fun when they are bright and energetic. Find a great stripe, a graphic print or even a botanical piece that brings in the Radiant Orchid, bright fuchsias and other hip colors.

3. Radiant Orchid can be paired with many colors from the spectrum. For a contemporary feel, juxtapose it with lime green, orange or purples. Feeling more traditional, try finding a floral image with our famous color or a simple check pattern. Plaids are coming back strong too so don’t be afraid to go a little bold.

4. Handbags and shoes are a great way to bring that trendy tone into the wardrobe. Radiant Orchid could really pop a solid black or white suit, be paired with khakis and beiges and be part of a color blocked outfit. You will find variations in raspberry, hot pink, and fuchsia.

5. Home accessories like candles, light fixtures, towels and art can also be fun and inexpensive. Pop of radiant orchid on a dish towel set, 4 coffee mugs in the glass front cabinets and a canister set and your boring java colored kitchen just came to life. SVL Feb 2014 Living Spaces Photo 6 small

6. Wallpaper is full of color these days also! Find a print you love and go crazy in the someplace unexpected like the laundry room, back hall or powder bath.

7. Jewels…find a pink sapphire to add to your collection, they are available in all price ranges.

Color can be scary and they should be….there are a lot of bad colors out there! Try this designer tested and approved color and you won’t be disappointed!