Contemporary v. Modern Design, by Christina Maccani, Lube of Sarasota

This month we asked Christina Maccani, Designer/Sales at Lubé of Sarasota, to give us some insight.


 What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern interior design?

This is hard to explain without defining Modern first (with a capital M – as in Mid-century). Modern interior designs emerged during the 1920’s and lasted well into the 1970’s. Modern interiors tend to emphasize the importance of simple form and function which generally translate into streamlined, unadorned, and mass produced pieces. Highlights of this era include the Egg Chair, Tulip legs, and art ranging from Salvador Dali to Andy Warhol. Modern designers such as Meis Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier transformed the ornate designs of earlier trends into simple geometric pieces. Modern designers also focused on an open floor plan, which allows for select pieces of furniture to be highlighted as works of art in their own right.

Can you elaborate on Contemporary?

Contemporary designs focus on what’s current and innovative, and are ever-changing. Contemporary designs tend to reinterpret conventional styles in a cleaner, more linear fashion and make us rethink the way we choose to decorate our homes. Contemporary is a softer, more diversified style, and may also cross into Transitional or Eclectic. Patterned and textural fabrics are used quite freely, and spaces are filled with art pieces and accents. Colors are bold and broad spectrums of tones are used throughout the scheme. Multiple textures are used, juxtaposing organic materials such as hand scraped or roughhewn woods with brushed steel surfaces, glass fixtures, and plastic furnishings.  Simple finishes and smooth lines reflect a calm atmosphere contrasted with edgy, uniquely textured design accents.

Both Modern and Contemporary interior designs feature clean straight lines, simple uncluttered spaces and a mix of natural and industrial materials.

SVL_September_Home Matters martina photo 1 SVL_September_Home Matters Palazzi al Mare Kitchen2

SVL_September_Home Matters Palazzi al Mare Master Bath 2 SVL_September_Home Matters Wilkes Bar









Christina is a talented designer and helps her clients obtain a vision and understanding of great cabinetry designs! Thanks for your great input! Lube is located within walking distance of our office and they would welcome you to stop by and visit their showroom anytime.



The Great Outdoors

SVL_Aug_HomeMatters_Main Photo
Design Tips from you Neighborhood Design Team
Lancaster Interior Design/Keffie Lancaster, Associate ASID
Summer time is here and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors! Outdoor furniture has taken on a new life and many pieces are even made from marine-grade plastics that can outlast traditional materials with very little maintenance. Outdoor fabrics are now coming in brighter colors, more prints and textures and can be made into drapes and dividers to create a more private outdoor cabana area. Try these tips to make your outdoor space come alive!
1. Mix and Match Patterns and Colors, from flowers to fabrics, find a palette and go for it!
2. Make the Most of Small Space, tell a story, create a vignette.
3. Install Lighting, highlight your new creation.
4. Add an exterior rug, they come in great waterproof and mildew resistant materials these days.
5. Keep it Clean, blow off porches, spray down the furniture, even your outdoor seating area should be spotless!
6. Window Boxes, On balconies where space is at a minimum, window boxes are a wonderful way to introduce color and greenery while saving square-footage for furniture.
7. Just have fun! Create an environment that is soothing and enjoyable for the whole family.
All of the items found here can be purchased through your local Sarasota Interior Designers, Lancaster Interior Design.

REpurposed, recylced and reused…

What’s better than finding a hidden gem furniture piece? Finding a completely unique and improved way to use it in your home or space! Re-purposing is without a doubt on trend right now and is a perfect way to keep some of your favorite pieces around by simply giving them a mini makeover. Re-purposed projects can be big or small, ranging from turning an old suitcase into a cozy new dog bed, or creating an eye-catching focal wall of shelving from old tables, the possibilities are endless!

There are tons of crafty ways to make an old piece of furniture something new and spectacular, take care in spending adequate time and research on the project of your desire and you’ll end up with a piece that will mean so much more! As you dream up your next big project, consider creating a unique and one-of-a-kind project with Lancaster Interior Design!Classic-Repurposed-Old-Furniture-With-Vanity by Chelsea Sheridan, Lancaster Interior Design Intern

Lancaster Interior Designer Sarasota Table out of repurposed materials Lancaster Sarasota Interior Designer Doors Into Corner Storage light05 Sarasota Interior Design Purple Table Repurposed Shelving Sarasota Interior Designer Lancaster Traditional-Home-Repurposed-Antique-Doors Sarasota Interior Designer Repurposed Suitcase Into Chair Sarasota Interior Designer repurposed-wood-flooring Sarasota Interior Designer Suitcase into Dog Bed tumblr_lwgvh5tPdV1r3hyudo1_500 Twin bed to bench

Light Here, Light Now!

Whenever trends are discussed, color is always part of the conversation.  Mostly because a new fresh finish can dramatically update an outdated look.  Just like a fresh coat of paint brightens up a room, even when nothing else is changes, plating and powder coating products can shake things up a bit! A simple change in material, from crystal to wood let’s say, can modify the aura that is cast from your favorite light source.  After a recent visit in April to the High Point Furniture Market, we are able to spot new lighting trends that are rushing the retail world.



Our first stop is Emerald City!   Pantone’s 2013 Color of the year, 17-5641 Emerald, has everyone going GREEN!  We see lots of recycled green glass, antique looks and revived retro looks from the 50’s.  There are all kinds of great green sades out there, from aquamarine to bright emerald.  Green is soothing to your soul and green light is said to promote a healthy heart and lungs.   Seems like an easy way to create that spa-like feeling you have been hoping for in your home!

1.  The Green Crystal Globe $525  2.  Serena Chandelier $2000 3. Large Serena Chandelier, Emerald $2000 4. Hand Blown Glass Lamp $525



glamourNext up, Glamour & Glitz… These days everyone needs a little bling in their home and what better place to do it than with your lighting!   Glass, Crystals and quartz stones are rocking the market from many aspects.  Vintage flea market finds to contemporary fixtures are all acceptable ways to add sparkle and shine.

1. Glitz Crystal Sconce $150        2.  Euro Circle Sconces $150 3. Quantum Chandelier  $1125 4.  Versailles Chandelier $2200


Our last visit will take us to back to our roots, Au Natural.  Wood, shell, bone and crystals are a big part of today’s designs.   Recycled and repurposed items are also making their way to the retail arena.

1. Quintessence $2200 2.  Driftwood Lamp $575 3. Alabaster Lamp $450 4. Wood Carved with Dangles $875  5.  Vito Bone and Wood Chandelier $82

Contributing Writer: Keffie Lancaster, Associate ASID

Oh So Ombré!

Lancaster Interior Design Ombre Design Tips
The “ombré” trend has without a doubt taken the world by storm within the last year and is proving to be the trend that just won’t quit! What started as a hair style phenomenon is quickly planting its seeds in the fashion, beauty, and décor industries leaving consumers begging for more. The Ombré or “dip-dye” design creates a color gradient which shows color progression from lightest to darkest, or vice versa, pairing similar colors of the color wheel together to create a unique effect that is sure to be loved by fashion lovers and design experts alike!

Walk on the wild side and add a little ombré into your life, style and home by checking out these Lancaster Interior Design approved inspirations!
Contributing Editor: Chelsea Sheridan

5 Basic Window Treatments



Feeling the need to make some minor changes and mix up the look of your space? Adding a little style and flair to your windows is the perfect option to provide your space with an instant mini-makeover! Window treatments are undoubtedly the best way to add instant style, color, and pattern while maintaining the identity and atmosphere of any room.

Custom window treatments are available in a variety of styles and are only limited by the imagination. It’s easy to take a simple classic design and incorporate a bold pattern to give the look a more modern updated appearance. For those who may be overwhelmed by the window treatment lingo, here’s a quick lesson on some basic window-related terms:

1 Draperies/Curtains: Draperies are usually long curtains, often in heavy fabric and often designed to open and close across a window. curtains are: generally stationary, although they can be adjusted with tie-backs. They can be pleated and hung from rings, gathered onto a rod, or flat panels, hung from tabs or rings, etc.

2 Swags & Cascades: Stationary swags of fabric can be combined and overlapped on a decorative pole or covered dust board. They can be pleated and formal or relaxed and casual. They are often combined with cascades at each end of the window.

3 Valances:  decorative top treatments that can cover the mounting hardware of drapes or shades.  They can be pleated, gathered or flat, arched, straight or shaped, and can be mounted on dust boards, poles, or rods.

4 Cornices: are padded box shapes covered in fabric and trim. The bottom edge can be shaped in many different ways. They are mounted above the window and can conceal other mounting hardware.

5 Solar Shades: come in many shapes and sizes. They   usually raise and lower by a system of rigged cords or a spring   loaded roller and help protect against UV light.

The possibilities don’t just stop here! There are plenty of options for those who are technologically savvy as well! Solar shades are an innovative and environment friendly trend that allow you to beat the heat, protect your furniture and lower your electric bill! Sounds great, right?

Also be sure to check out another great tech option, motorized drapes! Make sure to view our video for more information!

Let us help you bring your ideas to life by creating the best designs in Sarasota for those difficult shape windows!

Definition attribution:

Contributing editor: Chelsea Sheridan



Plum Dolce & Gabanna, Scarlett Johansson Plum Fashion Week Trends

Plum Prada BagPlum Louboutin Plum Nails & Lip, Cynthia Rowley


Got Spring Fever? Have no fear, the promise of Spring, bright colors, and warmer weather are soon to be right around the corner! Until then, keeping up to date on the hottest colors and trends of the season is a must-do. Trending this season is without a doubt the color plum! From fashion week runway couture, beauty regimens and décor accessories, it’s the kind of color that instantly makes you feel cool.


Spice up your space by incorporating the striking plum Reese Bench (below) into your décor! So simple yet chic, instantly brightens any room and is easily accented with a variety of colors. Not ready to commit on such a punchy piece? For a more universal pop of color integrating the vibrant hues of the gorgeous piece of couture fabric by Kravet (below) will undoubtedly leave your space looking refreshed and fabulous.

Kravet Couture  FabricReese Bench Close UpReese Bench

Chelsea Sheridan, Contributor

Bringing youth to the family trade, Keffie Lancaster Interior Designer

Keffie Lancaster

Keffie Lancaster, ASID

Growing up in the family business, Keffie Lancaster was exposed to remodeling, fabrics and furnishings all her life — her mother, interior designer Bonnie Lancaster, has owned a well-regarded design firm in Sarasota since 1979. In college, Keffie studied both business and fine arts. After graduation, she joined her mother at Lancaster Interior Designs in 2003.



Keffie Lancaster, 2013 Showhouse Chair: Two lavish homes featured in Sarasota-area showcase

Chair of this year’s Designer Showhouse is Keffie Lancaster; this is her 10th official showhouse project, although she says that’s deceptive. “Actually, I’ve been involved with showhouses since I was a little girl helping my mom, Bonnie Lancaster, tote things in and out and learning things from her and all the other designers. This year mom and I collaborated on the kitchen and dining room in the Mediterranean home, and we’ve styled both rooms to look like the owners of the home are getting ready to host a dinner party. It’s that moment just before the doorbell rings. Everything is sparkling and ready.”

Read Article Here:

2013 Boys and Girls Clubs Designer Showhouse

Come out and visit!
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